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Comens solutions encompass high-quality polyurethane adhesive, sealant and waterproof coating. For construction joint sealing and cracks repair, we launched a series of products, including one-component, two-component sealants and corresponding surface treatment products (primer and cleaner). For polyurethane waterproof coating, we strongly recommend easy-to-apply one-component products. The characteristics of all these products are reflected in different modulus and movement capacity, good curing behavior, fine appearance, distinguished weather resistance, as well as suitable surface treatment technology and products for different substrates. These products can be utilized in the design joint, expansion joint and cracks in civil engineering, commercial building, hydraulic project, railway, roadway, bridge, tunnel, airport, etc. For wood flooring, we recommend one component polyurethane adhesive. There are easy flowing as well as thixotropic products. In synthetic turf industry, we have two component solvent free pu adhesive for bonding artifical grass straw to backing sheet, and pu adhesive for finished synthetic turf installation.