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Expansion Joint Sealant

Joints allow for needed movement of the materials but must remain water, air, heat, cold and vapor tight. So you need the sealant to achieve the goal. It is at the joints where a building is weakest to leakage. Only correctly specified and professionally applied high quality joint sealants will manage to keep your building or structure sustainably tight during its entire lifespan. 

  • Expansion Joint Sealant

  • Expansion Joint Sealant

  • Expansion Joint Sealant

  • Expansion Joint Sealant

We have One-component & Two-component PU/SILICONE/MS/SPUR Sealant for Joint Caulking

The product portfolio can meet your variety of substrates and performance requirements.
The main features of the products are:
√ High elongation
√ High movement ability
√ Aging resistant


Product modelComponentMixing RatioModulus/FlowabilityColorPackaging
Surtek 3511One component_Low modulusGrey/white/black310ml cartridge600ml sausage
Surtrek 3555One component_Mid modulusGrey/white/black310ml cartridge600ml sausage
Surtek MS/SPUROne component_Low modulusGrey/white/black310ml cartridge600ml sausage
Comensflex 8277LTwo component5:1Self-levelingBlackResin: 25kg barrelHardener: 5kg barrel
Comensflex 8266NTwo component5:1ThixotropicBlackResin: 25kg barrelHardener: 5kg barrel

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