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Sealant for Home Decoration

Sealant is a necessity for home decoration. Applications are tile joint sealing, window and door frame joint sealing, skirting line joint sealing, wood floor installation, etc.

COMENS sealant show good adhesion to a wide range of materials including concrete, masonry, wood, coated or galvanized aluminium, steel, PVC. This is important for window, door, wall, floor, sanitary and other works.

When sealants are applied for home decoration, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other sealant components like phthalates, tin catalysts and isocyanates may become an issue, depending on the local regulations or green building requirements. COMENS has multiple choice to meet all these requirements.

COMENS sealants are widely used for interior sealing as they have high movement capability and can be overpainted. Movement capability is required due to seasonal temperature and humidity variations.

  • Product Features:

  • Product Features:

  • Product Features:

  • Product Features:

Product Features:

√ High elongation and elasticity
√ High movement ability
√ Low odor, low VOC (volatile organic compounds)

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