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Comens imported a series of world-class equipments since 2003, including high power planetary mixer, automatic dosing unit, static mixer, automatic packaging machines, to produce one component polyurethane adhesive sealants for automotive assembly purposes. In recent years, with the further subdivision and differentiation, product range has expanded from polyurethane to modify silane (MS). Meanwhile, we have added two-component and solvent-free products in the range. The application fields are widened from windshield assembly, glass and vehicle body sealing, air conditioner assembly to interior decoration bonding, flooring, ship decking and sealing, assembly of metal frame, filtration equipments, heat exchanger, etc.

Comensflex(Construction and Engineering)

Relying on the strongest R & D team in China, Comens enlarges the application boundary of polyurethane sealants from automobile to the construction industry. For construction joint sealing and cracks repair, we launched a series of products, including one-component, two-component and multi-component sealants and corresponding surface treatment products (primer and cleaner).

The characteristics of all these products are reflected in include different modulus and movement capacity, good curing behavior, fine appearance, distinguished weather resistance, as well as suitable surface treatment technology and products for different substrates.

These products can be utilized in the design joint, expansion joint and cracks in civil engineering, commercial building, hydraulic project, railway, roadway, bridge, tunnel, airport, etc.

Flexibond(Furniture & Building Materials)

Comens started to synthesize polyester polyol since 1999. The reaction product of poyisocyanate and polyol of different chemical structures and molecular weight can provide hot melting and chemical reactivity simultaneously, and thus can be formulated as wrapping adhesives which can achieve excellent initial bonding strength as well as comprehensive properties including appearance after curing.

Adhesive plays an irrevocable role in the production of composite materials, such as paper & aluminum honeycomb, sandwich panels, laminated floor, sponge composite, fireproof door, etc. Comens diversified adhesives provide perfect lamination property for multi-substrates and complex application procedure.