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Easy Flowing Timber Flooring Adhesive
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  • Easy Flowing Timber Flooring Adhesive
  • Easy Flowing Timber Flooring Adhesive
  • Easy Flowing Timber Flooring Adhesive
sku: Surtek 3546
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Surtek 3546 Easy Flowing Wood Flooring PU (polyurethane) Adhesive

Surtek 3546 is a one-part polyurethane adhesive for direct elastic bonding of timber floors. The adhesive is of low viscosity and cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture.

1-component, ready to use
Solvent free
Fast curing properties
Floor can be sanded after 12 hours (full surface bonding,+23°C/50%r.h., up to 1 mm adhesive thickness)
Excellent workability, very easy to extrude
Good initial tack
Elastic, footfall sound-dampening adhesive
Suitable for most common types of wood floors
Especially suitable for problematic woods including beech, maple and bamboo
Suitable for bonding wood floors directly onto old ceramic tiles
Reduces stress to the substrate: the elastic adhesive reduces stress transfer between the wood floor and the substrate
Suitable for use with sub floor heating
Compensates for some substrate unevenness
Adhesive can be sanded

For Full Surface bonding:
Solid and engineered wood floors-(strips, longstrips, planks, panels, boards), mosaic parquet, industrial parquet, lam parquet, wood paving (residential) as well as chip boards can all be fully bonded
Elastic Bonding of skirting boards/ baseboards and door thresholds etc.

Full Surface Bonding:
700 - 900 g/m2 with notched trowel B3 (acc. To IVK guidelines) or 3/16" 1/8" 1/8" (engineered strips / planks, mosaic parquet etc.).

800 - 1000 g/m2 with notched trowel B11 (acc. to IVK guidelines), AP 48 or 3/16" 3/16" 3/16" (solid wood,engineered planks / panels, industrial parquet, wood paving (residential), chipboards etc.).

For bonding of long or wide boards or on uneven substrates it may be necessary to use a notched trowel with biggernotches (to prevent hollow sections).

Beaded Application:
~ 44 ml per running meter = 250 - 500 g/m2, dependent on bead spacing (solid wood boards, 3-ply engineered wood,chipboards).

Substrate Quality:
Clean and dry, homogeneous, even, free from grease, dust and loose particles. Paint, laitance and other poorly adhering particles must be removed. Standard construction rules must be observed.

Full Surface Bonding:
Surtek3546 is applied to the prepared substrate directly from the pail and uniformly distributed by notched trowel. Press the wood floor pieces firmly into the adhesive so that the underside is fully wetted. The pieces can then be joined together using a hammer and an impact block. Many types of wood floors have to be tapped from the top. A distanceof 10 - 15 mm from the wall to the wood floor must be maintained.

Beaded Application:
After inserting the sausage into the gun, extrude a triangular shaped bead of adhesive approximately 10 mm high and 8mm wide at 100 - 250 mm centres (dependent on wood floor type) on the prepared sub floor. Press the wood piecesfirmly into the adhesive (at right angles to the adhesive beads). The elements can then be joined together using a hammer and an impact block. The required distance from the wall to the wood floor in the laying instructions from the wood floor manufacturer must be maintained.

Note: The laying instructions of the wood floor manufacturer must be observed.

600 ml sausages (20 sausages per box).

9 months from date of production if stored in undamaged, original sealed containers, in dry conditions and protected from direct sunlight at temperatures between+10°C and+25°C.


Surtek 3546
1 Color Parquet brown
2 Density (DIN 53479) 1.32 kg/l
3 Skinning-/Laying Time 50 minutes
4 Curing Rate 2.5 mm/24h
5 Sag Flow Consistency: Spreads easily, trowel marks stable. Easily applied by guns.
6 Service Temperature -40°C to+80°C
7 Shear Strength 0.8 N/mm2
8 Tensile Strength 1.6 N/mm2
9 Shore A Hardness 42
10 Elongation at Break 550%
NOTE: at 23°C and 50% relative humidity

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