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Multi-Purpose PU (polyurethane) Adhesive Joint Sealant
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  • Multi-Purpose PU (polyurethane) Adhesive Joint Sealant
sku: Surtek 3621
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Surtek 3621 Multi-Purpose PU (polyurethane) Adhesive Joint Sealant


Surtek 3621
1 Chemical base 1-C polyurethane
2 Color Black, white, grey
3 Cure mechanism Moisture-curing
4 Density 1.30 ± 0.05 kg/l
5 Application temperature 5°C-40°C
6 Tack-free time 50 min.
7 Curing speed 3.5 mm/24 hrs
8 Shore A hardness 45
9 Tensile strength 2 N/mm2
10 Shear strength 1 N/mm2
11 Elongation at break ≥450%
12 Tear propagation resistance ≥10 N/ mm

Service temperature (permanent)

Short – term (1 day)


-40°C to +90°C



14 Shelf life (storage below 25°C) cartridge/sausage 9 months
NOTE:at 23°C and 50% relative humidity

Surtek 3621 is a one-component, moisture-curable, polyurethane-based, elastic adhesive joint sealant. After curing, it provides a permanently elastic bond to fasten materials with different coefficients of expansion.

1, Good Adhesion to a wide range of substrates.
2, Cures rapidly to a permanently elastic consistency with excellent cut and tear resistance.
3, Low odor, non-staining.
4, Surface paintable with water, oil, and rubber based coatings.
5, Non-corrosive.
6, Provides shock resistance and vibration damping.
7, Exhibits high recovery (> 90%), making it ideal for sealing dynamically moving joints.
8, Weather resistant.

1, Vehicle bodies and cab construction including panels, underbody components, and roofing.
2, Front and rear spoilers, auto trim, moldings, body seams, and welded joints.
3, Waterproofing exterior lap seams in many applications, including truck trailers, RV's, metal roofs, window perimeters, grain bins and HVAC units.
4, Waterproofing rivet seams.
5, Sealing of exposed and concealed joints of aluminum, steel, coated metals, wood, roof rails, and door hinges in transport equipment.
6, Sealing and caulking expansion joints, pre-cast concrete panel joints and joints between logs on log homes.

1.310ml cartridge
2. Flexible Package: 400ml, 600ml
3. Drum: 200L

When stored at the recommended conditions in original, unopened containers, this product has a shelf life of 9 months. The shelf life of polyurethane sealant is related to the temperature and humidity of the environment. The recommended storage temperature is 5-25° C, humidity is <50% RH. It is strictly prohibited that the transportation or storage temperature is over 30° C or the humidity is over 80% RH. And high-temperature container transportation is prohibited as well. In the long-time high temperature and high humidity storage environment, the product is easy to get viscous, extrusion will be deteriorated and shelf life will be shortened.

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