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sku: Flexibond 8938
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Flexibond MS 8938


Flexibond MS 8938 provides the following product characteristics:


Silane modified polymer

Product Type















Flexibond MS 8938 is a high viscosity, sag resistant one component adhesive based on silane modified polymer, which cures by reaction with moisture to an elastic product. The skin formation and the curing times are dependent on humidity and temperature, and the curing time also depends on joint depth. By increasing the temperature and moisture these times can be reduced; low temperature as well as low moisture retard the process. Flexibond MS 8938 is free of solvents, isocyanates, silicones and PVC. It demonstrates good adhesion to many substrates. The sealant also demonstrates good UV resistance and can therefore be used for interior and enterior applications. Flexibond MS 8938 allows accelerated curing as two-component material. See Flexibond MS 8938 2c Technology Date Sheet.

Application Areas: Flexibond MS 8938 is used for elastic bonding on metallic or painted substrates as well as for adhesive sealings of all kind. It is particularly suitable for applications where after matching of the materials to be bonded a high position tack is needed.



Density,g/cm³: approx. 1.43

Sag resistance: no sagging (DIN profile 15mm)

Skin formation time ,min*: approx. 5 to 10

Cure rate , mm/24 hrs: approx.3

Handling strength, hrs: approx. 2 to 4


(ISO 868, Durometer A)*: approx 70

Tensile strength

(acc. to ISO 37), MPa*: approx. 4.0

Elongation at break

(acc. to ISO 37,

speed200 mm/min),%: approx. 150

Stress at 100% elongation

(acc. to ISO 37), MPa: approx. 3.2

Volume change

(acc. to DIN 52451) 2

Tensile shear strength

(acc. to ISO 4587), MPa: 2

Substrates: Al 99.5

Layer thickness, mm: 2

Cross head speed,mm/min: 10

UV resistance: no signif. changes

UV source: Osram Vitalux300W, dry UV

Distance to thespecimen, cm: 25

Test period, weeks: 6

Application temperature,°C: 15 to 40

In service temperaturerange, °C: -40 to +100

Short exposure (up to 1h), °C: 160

* DIN 50014 standardclimate:23°C, 50% relative air humidity



Preliminary statement: Prior to application it is necessary to read the Material Safety Data Sheet for information about precautionary measures and safety recommendations. Also, for chemical products exempt from compulsory labeling,the relevant precautions should always be observed.


The substrates must be clean, dry, oil-and grease free. Depending on the surface it can be necessary to roughen the surface or to use a primer/adhesion promoter to provide best adhesion. Coronaor Plasma treatment improves the adhesion to many different materials. When manufacturing plastics, external release agents are often used; these agents must be accurately removed prior to starting bonding or sealing. Due to the different compositions of paints,especially powder paints and the large number of different substrates, application trials before use are necessary. When bonding and sealing PMMA, e.g. Plexiglas®,and polycarbonate, e.g. Makrolon® or Lexan®, under tension, stress corrosion cracking may occur. Application trials before use are necessary. There is no adhesion to polyethylene, polypropylene and PTFE (e.g.Teflon®). Substrates not mentioned above should be subject to trials.


Application from 310ml cartridgrs is made with the Hand or Air Pressure Pistols, In the case of compressed air application a pressure of 2 to 5 bar is required. Low material temperatures of the sealant will lead to an increase of viscosity, resulting in a lower extrusion rate. This can be avoided by bringing the sealant up to room temperature prior to application. If substrates are too cold, temperature may fall below dew point causing condensation. This can be avoided by bringing the substrates up to room temperature in time.


For cleaning application equipment contaminated with uncured MS 8938, we recommend the use of COMENS Cleaner H.



Frost-Sensitive: NO

Recommended Storage Temperature: 10°Cto 25°C

Shelf-life (in unopened original packaging):12 months.



310ml cartridge

200L drum

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