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One Component PU Adhesive for Assembling Windows and Doors
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  • One Component PU Adhesive for Assembling Windows and Doors
  • One Component PU Adhesive for Assembling Windows and Doors
sku: Flexibond 8818
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Flexibond 8818 One-component Polyurethane Adhesive


Flexibond 8818 is a one-component high-strength polyurethane adhesive mainly used in the various window-and-door-construction for the assembling aluminum corner angles into the profile hollow spaces.

(1) High bonding strength. The adhesive can enhance the overall strength for aluminum-window-and-door.
(2) Fast cured, improves the productivity.
(3) The adhesive has elasticity after curing, which can solve the problem of leakage, deformation and cracking.
(4) Easy to use. The adhesive can be extruded both by manual and mechanical way.
(5) Good weather resistance, which can increase the life the windows and doors.
(6) Improve the air tightness and water tightness.

Assure that the surface is clean and dry, with no oil or other contaminations. Flexibond 8818 is applied in a caterpillar shape directly from the cartridge into the profile. The adhesive hardens up with moisture, The adhesive should be normally be put on the corner of two cutting surfaces, corner points code card, profile cutting surface. Corner connection quite is painted as needed.

310ml plastic cartridge

Storage and shelf life
The product has a shelf life of 9 months if kept under the temperature of 15-25℃, avoid direct sunlight.

(1) The adhesive cures slowly if the weather is cold and dry. Users can spray little water fog on the adhesive to increase the curing rate. The adhesive is moisture cured, thus, it is normal to release CO2 during the curing process.
(2) The information and recommendations related to the application and end-use of COMENS’ products are given in good faith based on COMENS’ current knowledge and experience of the products when properly stored, handled and applied under normal conditions. This information must on no account be used as a substitute for necessary prior tests which alone can ensure that a product is suitable for a given use, due to the practical differences in materials, substrates and actual site conditions. Users are requested to check that they are in possession of the latest version of this documents and COMENS’ is at their disposal to supply any additional information.

Technical Data Sheet

Flexibond 8818
1 Appearance White, homogeneous paste
2 Solid content ≥96%
3 Density About 1.5g/cm 3
4 Tack free time (25c, %RH) 15-30mins
5 Curing rate (25c, 50%RH) 2.5mm/24h
6 Time of application (25c) 15-30mins
7 Tensile strength Around 10MPa
8 Tear strength Around 8MPa
9 Temperature limit -30c~80c
10 Application temperature 5-40c
11 Application humidity ≤80%
NOTE:at 23°C and 50% relative humidity

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