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PU (Polyurethane) Adhesive Sealant for Marine Applications
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  • PU (Polyurethane) Adhesive Sealant for Marine Applications
sku: Comensflex 8290
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Comensflex 8290 PU (Polyurethane) Adhesive Sealant for Marine Applications

Comensflex-8298 is a self-levelling, moisture-curable, one component polyurethane sealant for marine application. After curing, it has durable elasticity and good weathering, chemical and water resistance.


One component, ready for immediate use,

1. no mixing required
2. Self-leveling, suitable for small and deep joints
3. Excellent durability
4. Acoustic rating
5. Non-corrosive
6. Surface Paintable
7. Good weathering, chemical and water resistance

As an elastic joint sealant for:
1. Bonding decks
2. Bedding-in and sealing of teak plank decking
3. Industrial floors
4. Driveways and loading docks

1. Comensflex-8298 can be poured from a can or applied by gun.
2. Fill joint from bottom to prevent formation of air voids.
3. Avoid application at extremely low temperatures to prevent moisture condensation and excessive thickening of the sealant.

The sealant must be protected from damage by future operations and other trades. The applicator shall install protection material applicable to jobsite conditions, to protect the sealant.
Clean Up:
Before material cures, clean adjacent areas to remove stains or spills and clean tools with; toluene or xylene. Do not wash off skin with solvents.

310ml cartridge.
600ml sausage

Storage and Shelf Life
Avoid contacting with water and moisture;
Keep away from heat and flame;
Recommend to store at 0~25C and humidity 50%RH;
Shelf life: 12 months (keep in unopened original container).

Technical Data Sheet

Comensflex 8290
1 Appearance Paste
2 Color Black, white, grey
3 Density (DIN 53479) 1.3 kg/l approx.
4 Sagginess 0 mm
5 Cure mechanism Moisture-curing
6 Tack-free time* 80 min. approx.
7 Rate of cure* 3 mm per 24 hrs.
8 Shore A hardness (DIN 53505) 40 approx.
9 Tensile strength (DIN 53504) 1.3 N/mm2 approx.
10 Elongation at break (DIN 53504) >250%
11 Tear strength (DIN 53515) 10N/mm approx.
12 Application temperature 5-25°C
13 Service temperature (continuous) -40°C to +90°C
14 Shelf life (stored below 25°C) 9 months/cartridge
NOTE: at 23°C and 50% relative humidity

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