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Furniture Industry

In the manufacture of modern furniture, wood-based panels are surface-laminated or wrapped with the most diverse materials, such as PVC, PET, veneer. The finished panels have numerous different applications: from the kitchen and home furniture to general interior fittings and floorings. Decoratively laminated panels and profiles are the current state of the art.


For years, the state of technology was processing with Polyurethane hot melt adhesive due to current aspects of health and ecology. Polyurethane hot melt has been established in the market for years and are the products of choice for applications which require a superior bonding quality. 

  • Furniture Industry

  • Furniture Industry

  • Furniture Industry

  • Furniture Industry

COMENS has a series PUR hot melt adhesives for flat lamination, profile wrapping, edge banding in this industry. The product advantages are:

√ 100% solid content, solvent free
√ High initial strength, the foil does not rebound after adhesion
√ Excellent heat stability
√ Wide range of adhesion to different materials


Flexibond 8910Flexibond 8911Flexibond 8910.1Flexibond 8920Flexibond 8921Flexibond 8922
Viscosity at 120℃ [mPas]16000±200030000±300010000±100040000±500070000±500065000±5000
Open time at 25℃[min]12815856
Pressing temperature[℃]130±10140±5100±10130±10140±10140±10
UsageFlat laminationg for thin foilFlat laminationg for thick foilFlat lamination (adhesive melting at low temperature)Wall board wrappingProfile wrappingProfile wrapping

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