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Comens become an AEO senior certification enterprise of customs

"Authorized Economic Operator" is commonly referred to as AEO. According to the international trade rules, the customs shall certify and recognize enterprises with good credit status, law-abiding degree and safety management degree, and give preferential customs clearance facilities to enterprises that have passed the certification. With the mutual recognition of Chinese and foreign customs AEO, the goods of AEO enterprises can enjoy convenient treatment in customs clearance between the two countries, which can effectively reduce the trade costs of enterprises such as ports, insurance and logistics, and enhance international competitiveness.

As of now, China Customs has achieved AEO mutual recognition with 43 countries (regions) in 17 economies such as Singapore, Korea, EU, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, New Zealand, Israel, Australia, Japan, Belarus, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uruguay, UAE, Brazil, UK, Serbia, etc.

Now, China Customs is actively promoting AEO mutual recognition consultations with Malaysia, Russia, Turkey, Georgia, Thailand and other important "Belt and Road" node countries, as well as Mexico, Norway, Iceland and other important trading countries, expanding the scope of mutual recognition, striving for more convenience for the vast number of import and export enterprises, and improving the level of facilitation of customs clearance within and outside China's enterprises.

In order to conform to the international trend, Beijing Comens New Materials Co.,Ltd is ready to standardize its own management, and actively apply to Beijing Customs for AEO senior certification enterprise. After the customs came to our company for field examination and certification, Comens successfully became an AEO senior certification enterprise of customs. Comens provides convenient conditions for international trade clearance and better service with customers in the future.

Comens become an AEO senior certification enterprise of customs

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