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Artificial Grass Backing Sheet Coating

Styrene-butadiene latex is used as backing coating adhesive for traditional artificial grass, which is of the shortcomings as less environmental friendly, low drawing force, non-flexible, and non-resistant to hydrolysis. While the polyurethane adhesive has completely solved the above problems. PU adhesive for artificial grass was monopolized by foreign products for long time. COMENS has broken the foreign monopoly and the products performance has completely caught up with and surpassed the foreign products. Along with the people's growing request for environmental protection and product performance, it can be predicted that COMENS PU adhesive for artificial grass has broad market prospects.

  • Meet FIFA Standard

  • Meet FIFA Standard

  • Meet FIFA Standard

  • Meet FIFA Standard

√ Meet FIFA Standard
√ SGS and REACH SVHC-169 certificated
√ Aging resistant, long life
√ High strength, high drawing force
√ Fine appearance and flexible
√ 100% solid content
√ Safe to health and environment

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