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Artificial Grass Installation

The polyurethane adhesive is for bonding jointing strips between artificial turf sheets for installation. Some installers use chloroprene rubber adhesive for turf installation, which is not environmental friendly. Chloroprene rubber adhesive is solvent based hazardous product and harmful to human health. While polyurethane adhesive is of high strength and aging resistance. More important, it is solvent free, friendly to environment and health. 

  • Artificial Grass Installation

  • Artificial Grass Installation

  • Artificial Grass Installation

  • Artificial Grass Installation

COMENS provide you with alternatives as one-component & two component polyurethane adhesives with flexible packaging, bucket, jug and tube.

√ Solvent free, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
√ Very safe to environment and health
√ Good workability, easy to use
√ High strength, meet FIFA standard
√ Systematic service, including seam jointing tape and tools.


Product modelComponentMixing ratio (by weight)Paste or liquidColorPackage
Flexibond 8265/8201Two component9:1PasteGreen9kg+1kg
Flexibond 8265L/8201Two component9:1LiquidGreen9kg+1kg
Flexibond 8010One component---LiquidGreen20kg pail, 4.2kg jug
Surtek 3576One component---PasteGreen300ml tube

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